Percussion Catalogue for the LEISURE PLANET MUSIC
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PERCUSSION (alphabetical by composer)

The Antenna Repairmen

GHATAM (1992-93) percussion trio for ceramic instruments. 51 minutes. Recorded on M.A Recording #M037A. This unique work is a collaboration by The Antenna Repairmen (percussionists Arthur Jarvinen, Robert Fernandez, and M.B. Gordy) and sculptor Stephen Freedman. GHATAM as a complete work in its original form may only be performed on the instruments for which it was composed. However, three of the four main sections of Ghatam are available as independent works playable on other instruments. Those works are listed below by individual composer. The complete score is available for those who may be interested. LPM1 $35.

Tristan Fuentes

BERLINER KINDL (1989) marimba solo. 4 minutes. TF4 $8.

LAPIN CULTA (1994) marimba solo. 4½ minutes. TF5 $9.

Robert Fernandez

KATIBO (1980) vibraphone solo. requires 3 bass bows. 3 minutes. RF1 $7.

TENTACLES (1979) for 3 to 5 mallet players. 7 - 10 minutes. Set of Parts RF2 $12.

WATCH YOUR MOUTH (1993) (from Ghatam) percussion trio, unspecified instrumentation. 8 minutes. Recorded by the Antenna Repairmen on GHATAM (M.A Recordings #M037A). Set of Scores RF3 $12.

Arthur Jarvinen

A BOOK OF FIVE RINGS (1986) percussion (1 or 2 players) and 2 pianos (1 prepared). 14 minutes. Study Score AJ20-S $10. Set of Performance Scores AJ20 $30.

BONG'S GARBO (1993) 3 hand-held gongs. 4 minutes. Set of Scores AJ36 $12.

BONG'S OTHER GARBO (1993) (from Ghatam) percussion trio, unspecified instrumentation. 6 minutes. Recorded by the Antenna Repairmen on GHATAM (M.A Recordings #M037A) Set of Scores AJ37 $15.

DEDUCTIBLE ROOMS (1982) marimba solo. 7 minutes. Requires 2 bass bows. Available in versions for 4 octaves and 4 1/3 octaves (low A). Please specify. 4 octaves AJ2 $8. Low A AJ2-A $8.

EDIBLE BLACK INK (1989) marimba (or electric guitar) and electric bass. 3 duets, ca. 1 minute each. Recorded on EDIBLE BLACK INK, Arthur Jarvinen / the California Ear Unit (O.O.Discs #28) Set of Scores AJ25 $12.

JALTARONG (1992) (from Ghatam) percussion trio for 26 porcelain bowls. 15 minutes. Recorded by the Antenna Repairmen on GHATAM (M.A Recordings #M037A) Score AJ35 $8.
Click here for an audio excerpt of Jaltarong.

OUT OF THE BLUE (1996) 8 steel bell plates (or chimes). 4 minutes. AJ47 $6.

THE PACES OF YU (1990) berimbau solo with percussion ensemble of homemade instruments. 5 players. Score includes information pertaining to the construction of the instruments. 20 minutes.
Study Score AJ27-S $10. Performance Parts AJ27 $60.

RAISON D'ETRE (1981) marimba and vibraphone, 1 player. 6½ minutes. AJ3 $8.

THROUGH BIRDS, THROUGH FIRE, BUT NOT THROUGH GLASS (1979) percussion quartet. 12 minutes. Set of 4 Scores AJ4 $35.

TRIO WITH TIME MACHINES (1990) glockenspiels, ratchets, kitchen timers (3 of each), 3 players. 12 minutes. Score and Parts AJ28 $35.

TUACA: Outdoor Ritual Music for 3 Percussionists (2000)  3 simantrons (wooden boards). 10 minutes
Set of scores  AJ61  $18.

VOTE OF CONFIDENCE (1979) trio for amplified triangles. 8 minutes. AJ5 $5.

Leon Milo

SHINUI (1984) marimba solo. 5½ minutes. LM1 $9.

Anna Rubin

TAMING THE BEAST (1984) multiple percussion solo and tape. 20 minutes. Score + CD (tape part) AR1 $30.

Petros Shoujounian

DZEZ (1982) piano and percussion (xylophone, triangle, temple blocks). 5 minutes. 2 Scores PS1 $20.

Mark Waldrep

MORPHISM IV (1987) marimba and MIDI mallet controller (1 player), and computer (or tape). 10 minutes. May be performed with marimba and tape. Score + CD (tape part) MW1 $30.


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