Guitar Music Catalogue for the LEISURE PLANET MUSIC

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GUITAR and ELECTRIC BASS (alphabetical by composer)

Arthur Jarvinen

BENCH ADS WORK (1990) guitar solo (electric or acoustic) with slide, open G tuning. 1 minute. AJ26 $3.

BROKEN OSTINATO (1996) 2 guitars (electric, acoustic, or classical). 8 minutes. AJ48gt $15.

EDIBLE BLACK INK (1989) electric guitar and electric bass. 3 duets, ca. 1 minute each. Set of Scores AJ25 $10.
Recorded on Edible Black Ink, California E.A.R. Unit (OO Discs #28)

ENDLESS BUMMER, Parts I, II, & III (1999 - 2003)  I - guitar and bass; II - 12 string guitar, bass, electronic keyboard or soprano voice, 2 male voices; III - 2 guitars AJ66   $10.
Recorded by Arthur Jarvinen and Miroslav Tadic, Endless Bummer (see Lakefire Records LR0301 for more information and audio clips)

Mary C. Wright (Santa Maria de los Conejos)
LIZARD BELLY MOON (1988) 3 electric guitars and electric bass. 5½ minutes. Study Score MCW2 $8. Set of Performance Scores MCW2-S $30.
Recorded on Bang On A Can Live, Vol. 3 (CRI Emergency CD672)
Peter Zaferes
METAL FINGER BLISTER (1990) solo slide guitar (acoustic or electric). 3 minutes. PZ1 $5.


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