Below are links to audio clips of music by Leisure Planet composers. Composers are listed alphabetically.
Peruse these excerpts to get a feel for works of particular interest, become more familar with a composer you already know, or get to know a composer whose name or work is new to you.

We can't put up clips of everything in the catalogue, but if you contact us by email with your requests, we might be able to put it up, email you an MP3, or put you in touch with the composer for a complete perusal recording. E-mail contact@leisureplanetmusic.com.

Richard Amromin
        String Trio No. 2
        A Parable for Post-Paranoids

Matthew Easton
        Trio for Morton Feldman - flute, clarinet in A, cello

Robert Fernandez
        Watch Your Mouth - percussion trio. The Antenna Repairmen, Ghatam (M.A Recordings M037A)
        Tentacles - 3 to 5 players

Tristan Fuentes
       Gretchen - violin, piano, marimba, bass.
        Pan Am - violin, piano (and synth), percussion, bass, tape
        Risas de Los Incas - violin, piano, percussion, bass
        Spinngewebe - vibraphone, piano, synthesizer
        KaBoom - piano 6 hands and percussion

Arthur Jarvinen
       The Vulture's Garden - mixed chamber ensemble. The California E.A.R. Unit, Edible Black Ink (OO Discs 28)
        Jaltarong - 26 porcelian bowls. The Antenna Repairmen, Ghatam (M.A Recordings M037A)
        Cheap Suit Tango - violin, tuba. Some Over History, Erase the Fake (OO Discs 48)
        Toys Do Not Walk And Talk - violin, bass clarinet, trombone, electric bass. Erase the Fake (OO Discs)
        Sumo I (from I - VII) - tenor sax, piano, electric bass, drums [cheesy general MIDI demo]
        Isoluminaries - fl, b.cl, pno, perc, vln, vc.
        Gymnopédie for John Lennon (from Three Gymnopédies) - violin, piano, vibraphone/crotales
        Ennui In the Martini Lounge - Variation 179 from Serious Immobilities, Petit (84 variations on Satie's Vexations). Piano solo.
                                                    Recorded by Bryan Pezzone, release pending
        Eye In the Wall Of Meat - California E.A.R. Unit, with guest guitarist Peter Zaferes, Edible Black Ink (OO Dicsc 28)
        Be Good To Your Fingers And They Won't Kill You - clarinet, bassoon, percussion, viola, contrabass
        Chasing the Devil - 4 melody instruments, low instrument, bass instrument, percussion
        Goldbeater's Skin - piccolo, bassoon (or bass clarinet), glockenspiel, ratchet, harpsichord (synth), cello
        White Lights Lead To Red - fl, b.cl, 2 perc, pno, vln, vc.
        Pizzicato - cello solo
        The Aten - violin, piano, drum set/gongs, bass. Helios, Solar (Sol Y Sombra Records 001)

Leon Milo
        Shinui - marimba solo

Anna Rubin
        Viola a Tre - 3 violas
        Taming the Beast - percussion & tape

Mary C. Wright
     Lizard Belly Moon - 3 electric guitars, electric bass. Bang On A Can, Vol. 3 (CRI Emergency CD672)


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