"Sgt. Pekker - does it remind you of something? - was a project dedicated to - you guessed it - The Beatles. Definitely not a pastiche, ...  A subtle, affectionate work, Sgt. Pekker obviously needed the right background to be really understood - and fully appreciated." (Beppe Colli,, Sept 7, 2003)

Reviewed in SPLENDID 11/20/2002

"A Beatles fetish. A silly, sprawling and occasionally obscene concept album. This is Sgt. Pekker...
Despite its quirks, and if you can ignore some of the low points (including the admittedly intentionally bad "Piss Boy (Otto's Theme)"), the results are surprisingly endearing."
(Jay Breitling)

"The artists who both know and love their subject matter produce the best parodies, such as here. The best parodists also know when their beloved target deserves a tap on the shoulder or a blow to the head...
Most important though, is that it's more about insight and illumination than about leading us to the laugh fountain and making us take a drink."
(Jack Vees, posted on CD
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Sgt. Pekker is, obviously, a Beatles parody, but despite its name it really has very little to do with Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, being inspired more by the late works - the "White Album", Abbey Road, and Let It Be. The language is explicit and the humor in decidedly poor taste. Don't say I didn't warn you.