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1) Taller Than Jesus
2) Whiteniss
3) Marsha I Fear
4) Man, My Guitar Playing Really Reeks
5) Blackguy
6) Yellow Limousine
7) Let's Fuck In Gravy
8) 9 Revolutions Per Minute
9) 1 Revolution Per Minute
10) Where Can I Bury My Shark?
11) Really, Really, Really Long
12) The Long Unwinding Scroll
13) Piss Boy (Otto's Theme)
14) Hey Vern
15) Somewhere (My Holy Cow)
16) Wham Bam Thank You Ma'm
17) (She's Gotten Even Heavier)
18) There Goes, Little Darling
19) Ergo
20) I Never Make Any Money
21) Sinking
22) Clean Mr. Custard
23) She's Not A Girl (That Mrs. Much)
24) She Just Came In to Use the Bathroom
25) Golden Shower Curtain Rods
26) Gotta Lose Weight
27) And (In the Beginning)
28) Tea and Biscuits
29) Ye(a)r Out of My Life

All words & music copyright © 2001 Arthur Jarvinen
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