Leisure Planet Music was begun in 1985 to promote the works of a small group of composers, most in the earliest stages of their professional careers. Many of these composers have since established national and international reputations. We believe that the composers of Leisure Planet Music are doing some of the most interesting and original work being carried out today.

We hope you will take the time to carefully examine our catalogue. Ensembles with non- standard instrumentations will find many works that are easily adaptable, and groups of a more conventional make-up will find works that are challenging and unusual. Within reason, perusal scores are available, as are perusal recordings of many works. We also have an audio page where you can access MP3s of many works. If you want information about a particular composer or have questions about technical requirements or other matters, we will be happy to be of service, or we can put you directly in touch with the composer.

If you find that a given composer's work is of interest but there is nothing here that meets your particular needs, consider commissioning. Working with composers directly is one of the best ways for groups to enhance their repertoire with quality works that showcase their own interests and abilities. If you do not have commissioning funds in your budget it is possible that one of these composers may have funding opportunities (local, state, regional, etc.) and is just looking for the right artist or ensemble with which to try their latest idea.

We at Leisure Planet Music are active performers ourselves. We appreciate the need for quality performance materials and understand that funding for contemporary music is precarious at best. We strive to provide materials that are complete, accurate, durable, and affordable. Our scores and parts are reproduced on good, heavy paper, presented in practical formats, and are priced competitively.

Thank you for your support of contemporary music. We look forward to hearing from you.


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